For over 15 years Aljaber and Partners has been a leader in roads in Qatar. The road sector has always been the Companies's biggest area of business, in terms of volume.

Aljaber and Partners provides the full range of skills for every aspect of roads, from project development through to network operation. The Companies's size gives it the strength to take on large-scale and ever increasingly time-critical projects. The high levels of expertise at Aljaber and Partners gives the Company the capacity to create exceptional engineering solutions, such as the new coast road being designed for the Qatar market.Aljaber and Partners is at the cutting edge of the road sector. The Company develops unique tools to help attain the objectives of today’s infrastructure projects, which now have to be: safer, more readable and more environmentally friendly, notably in GCC where upgrading of an ageing network represents a considerable challenge.To optimise project development and quality, in design and works phase, Aljaber and partners is pioneering the use of concurrent engineering for infrastructure projects.